The Baslow Hydro was a large resort type hotel in Baslow, built in 1881 was a major village attraction for many years, but unfortunately it gradually failed after the first world war, and was eventually demolished in 1939.

New This map shows the extent of the hotel and grounds, superimposed on a modern map.


Baslow Hall Estate

In the early 1900s, the area north of Bridge End was open farmland up to the parish boundary – except for a few houses at the start of Calver Road.

In 1905 the vicar Jeremiah Stockdale was given a large plot near Stanton Ford, on which he built Baslow Hall, an imposing house surrounded by extensive gardens. After his death in 1907, and the house was bought by Sebastion de Ferranti, a famous electrical engineer. In 1920 he took advantage of the sale of land by the Duke of Rutland to buy a number of fields near the house and the old mill on Calver road. This estate was sold after his death in 1930

The accompanying plan is based on the map of the sale. The yellow line marks the boundary of the estate. Each field was given a Lot number. Most of the lots, and also a few fields outside the estate, were bought by developers. Each development, outlined in green, had its own access roads with the original stone walls between then remaining intact. Some plots were divided (dotted green lines), notably those south of Baslow Hall where six adjoining houses effectively prevented any access to the rest of the development from Calver Road.

The old mill, but not the mill house, was part of the sale. Lot 16, 17 and 18 were sold together to become private land around the house High Meadows (not shown on the map)

About half the houses marked by blue circles on the map, were built before the 1939-45 war. The estate around Gorse Ridge Drive and the adjoining roads was finally completed in the early 1970s: planning permission was granted provided an open space or amenity area was given to the Parish council: this is now managed as a Community Orchard. The thin red lines are footpaths.

About 2010 part of the original Lot 16 was sold to a Housing Association who built Low Meadows, a group of 10 low cost houses.

Ferranti Est plan.jpg