Church Documents

I have collected the documents known to me about the church on this page. I have edited the first four and written the last two

Church – Cox definitive work on the history of St Anne’s Church Baslow is found in The Churches of Derbyshire by J C Cox published in 1875.  The section on Baslow is reproduced in this extract.  

Church Seats 1797   Until the mid 1800s, seats in church were owned by individuals, most by the Duke of Rutland on behalf of his tenants.  A churchwardens handbook started in 1797 gives details.  Some names are crossed out when changes occurred.  It is a “Who’s Who” of most families in the parish (which also included Curbar and Froggatt at the time). The names are also included elsewhere on the website under LISTS.

Short Hist of Church A local history group met during the late 1920s and early 1930s to collect information about Baslow and especially the Church. It was lead by the headmaster Mr C R Allcock. The result is the handwritten book now in the County Records Office. it was dedicated to those who died in the 1st World War. A delightful and useful book

NADFAS vol 1 and NADFAS vol 2 A record of church furnishings compiled by the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies. For further details see page 1 and 2 of Vol 1

I have been impressed by the quantity of information about local history and people displayed in the church. These are described in the following two articles on church Tablets and Windows

Church Tablets are a range of tablets or plaques on the walls of the church, placed there over the last 400 years.  This article describes people and events behind the tablets.                           

Church Windows windows also have a story ago tell about the residents of the village over the last 150 years.