Ann Hall

John Robertson Architect   by Ann Hall.  This short article summarises the life and work of John Robertson, concentrating on his relationship with Joseph Paxton.

The 1717 Guide Stoop on Longstone Edge – is it missing?   by Ann Hall.  A review of  the literature, appraisal  and searches for possible locations

Toll Collectors of Rowdale Bar  by Ann Hall.  Researches into the families at the bar on the Edensor to Ashford Turnpike between 1817 and 1919

William Barton – Rowland Highwayman 1   Ann Hall continues her research into Rowland.  The article describes a local lad turned amateur Highwayman, who is caught and finishes up as a convict in Australia.  a fascinating short read.

William Barton – Rowland Highwayman 2  The above was seen by William Barton’s descendent in Australia.  The story continues.

Baslow Toll Bars   by Ann Hall, completed October 2017.  This is a detailed description of all the Toll Bars in Baslow, the result of a year of meticulous research.  The detail makes it a useful resource when looking into the history of the village.

Stoke Toll Bar     More on local toll bars.  Stoke Toll Bar is on the road between Calver and Gindleford

Millers in Calver   Calver Corn Mill is close to Baslow and several millers have had close connection to the village. This is the story of the people who worked it. (NB This is NOT the better known Calver Cotton Mill)

The Little Round House Wheatlands Lane There has long been speculation about the original purpose of this small building half way up Wheatlands Lane. Ann suggests that it was an Ash House.

The Story of St Elphins   This is the pre 1888 history of St Elphins in Darley Dale near Matlock.  Recently a girls school it has now expanded to be a retirement village.

The Willows Great Longstone  Local History – All about a wooden structure found in a stream in Great Longstone