Memorial Inscriptions

Over the last 30 years the churchyard at St Annes Church in Baslow has been mapped, the stones listed and the inscriptions recorded.  At last they are available on the internet.  Read    about the project.

The Index

The stones are arranged in groups A B C etc. The names of each person can be found in the Index,     which provides the Grave number  eg A22 or T03

The Summary

The Summary provides basic information about every person recorded on the gravestones      Name, date death, age etc, and (calculated) year birth

Groups     ABCDE                               Groups     FGHJ

Groups      KMNPQ                             Groups     RST

The Inscriptions

To read the full inscription on each stone, select the appropriate letter

                           A    B      D                                  H       

                        .                                        R   S   .


Finding a Gravestone

Hints on how to fine your gravestone on site   Find a stone 

See the     Plan     of the area to see how the stones are lettered and numbered

See the Maps (below) to see the exact position of each stone

Area ABCD       Area FGHJ         Area KMNPQ      Area RST

At present photographs are too bulky for the website. I have photos of all the gravestones and am happy to forward copies (one or two only) to anyone interested. No charge,

 In return I would welcome information that I can keep for my records and perhaps add to the website.  You might consider a donation of a pound or two to your local church or other charity.    David
presented by  David Dalrymple-Smith         

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