This year I have completed the detail on all the gravestones in the main churchyard, and in the more recent Parish Council Burial Ground.  There are summaries, indexes and maps.  Be prepared to download files and search on your computer.  I also have photographs which I can forward on an individual basis (no fee)

More recently Robin Hood, the hamlet on the way to Chesterfield, has occupied my attention.  The article has fascinating information on Bronze age activity, and more recently (ie 300 years ago) millstone quarries and coal mines.  A back up to your enjoyment of the area.

The Enclosure Award of 1824 describes major events in the village that shaped todays village.

Ann Hall features once again on the guest page with her article on a the Toll Houses in Baslow

An a quickie – A map of the  Baslow Hydro superimposed on a modern map, showing the extent of this impressive hotel.

Mar 2017