This section contains short articles or comments I have written about Baslow and nearby places

Growth of houses Baslow and Bubell Baslow hasincreased in size over the last 350 years while Bubnell has got smaller. Why did it happoen?

Baslow Charities (brief) The Baslow Charities started in the 1600s with a small endowed school and endowments by parishioners.  There is continuity.  Today trustees still distribute money to the schools the vicar and the poor.

Baslow in 1760 saw momentous changes in the villag.,  The turnpike arrived.  There was a new lead smelter.  The coal mine was being enhanced.  Enclosure of fields was under way

Bridge End 1827 There was a major development at Bridge End in 1827.  Houses and a large farm were demolished (and new accodation built elsewhere). The churchyard was enlarged, roads widened and pavements installed.  Little has changed since.

Bubnell Hall has been the most prestigious house in the arean sine it was built in the mid 1600s.  A short story of the building and its inhabitants.

Bubnell Hill The early name of Bubnell was Bubeneli or (in Anglian English) the Hill of Bubba.  Bubba was the local headman, and his hill is in the photo.  The article describes the view

Gardoms Edge Gardom arrived in Baslow in the early 1600s.  His family lived at Yeld Farm for three centuries and his name is remembered in Gardom’s Edge.

Housing Estates Hall and The Hydro Hotel both had extensive grounds.  When sold between the wars, the land was bough by developers.  Today there are the houses close to Calver Road a&  Royal Croft Drive, and Eaton Close & Hydro Close

Lead Smelting Smelting was a feature in the 1600s and 1700s.  The article describes the sites in Baslow Parish

Longshaw origins There is a connection between Longshaw Lodge, the Duke of Rutland his shooting moors and Baslow

Map showing Shape of Parish The reason why Baslow & Bubnell Parish includes part of Big Moor

Robin Hood Coal Mine The coal mine is described in My Articles in the piece on Robin Rood.  This provides further information.  NB It includes unfinished notes

Records at Haddon Duke of Rutland was Lord of the Manor.  Unfortunately it is not possible to get access to the archives at Haddon Hall

Rutland Sale 1920 The story of the 1920 sale of Rutland property in Baslow.  Details are under The Village tab on this website.

Schools in Baslow A brief description of the various schools in Baslow (and nearby) over the years

The Ends of Baslow Traditionally there were three parts to Baslow, Bridge End, Over End and Nether End.  West End is a recent addition.  This is how it happened

The History of Baslow Surgery A short account of the doctors and buildings.

The Stafford Gravestone Stafford 1625-1702 was the subaccountant at Chatsworth House and his gravestone is one of the two Scheduled Monuments in Baslow Graveyard.

View from a Pew thoughts and comments about the gravestones in Baslow Churchyard

Watchman’s Hut is a small stone building built into the parapet of the old bridge.  In 2019 it was in danger of collapse and had to be restored.

Wheatlands Lane   From mediaeval major road to modern minor road

Stone Baslow Edge I am intrigued by a prominent stone on Baslow Edge. Is it natural or man made – if so when?

The Church Clock  Notes on the the mechanism and clock face of Baslow Church

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  1. Ruth Broughton says:

    whilst researching my family (The Barkers of Rowsley prior to 1700) I came across your article about the Barkers of Edensor. I too have been trying to discover a link between the two families; unsuccessfully I might add! However I have obtained a copy of the Will of William Barker of Claverly, Shropshire (dated 1590). In it he mentions sons Ffrancis, William and John, plus daughter Ellinor. Might this be your first William of the Edensor branch?

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