I came  to Baslow in 1966 as the “new” general practitioner.  I am still here, retured and maintianing a firm interest in Baslow and the Peak District.

Soon after I arrived, there was a local history class, based on the Baslow 1851 census which triggered a fascination with Baslow in the 1700s and 1800s.  Now, I have collected a lot of data about the village, Tihe Awards, Hearth Taxes, Census returns etc and articles writen about it. Using the data I have made family trees covering the years 1600 to early 1900s with often eccampanying text which should be of especial use to family historians. I have also ritten a number of articles, some serious some short and trivial.

I hope I have acknowledged sources where appropriate, (otherwise tell me), especially Derbyshire Record Office, the Trustees of Chatsworth Settlement, and all those families who have added their little bit.

If you wish more information or help do get in touch by email. There is a lot on this website but I can often help with further facts and analysis.  And I am especially interested if you can add more about people and places which I can add to my collection and the website.

Please – if I am wrong tell me so I can correct it

At present I am reviewing the whole website – so apologies if items disappear for a while. I have just updated the families section with more names and more information


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