I came  to Baslow in 1966 as the “new” general practitioner.  I am still here with a firm interest in Baslow and the Peak District.

Soon after I arrived, there was a local history class, based on the Baslow 1851 census which triggered a fascination with Baslow in the 1700s and 1800s.  Now, I have collected a mine of information about the village,  some analysis, and several articles based on it.

Much is on this website, and I hope that it will be of interest to local historians, especially locally, and those interested in their family history

If you wish more information or help please get in touch.  And I am especially interested if you can add data about people and places which I can add to my collection and the website.

I hope I have acknowledged sources where appropriate, (otherwise tell me), especially Derbyshire Record Office, the Trustees of Chatsworth Settlement, and all those families who have added their little bit.

The latest addition is a History Walk around Baslow Edge (Sep 2020)

Baslow Edge Enclosures

I am very happy to talk about Baslow history and help with queries – and please tell me where I am wrong!                          email below


David Dalrymple-Smith   dds@w3z.co.uk                  Last updated  Mar 2020

1 Response to HOME

  1. Katie Moore says:

    Could you tell me please whose statue is in the grounds at the rear of the Cavendish Hotel ?
    This man is standing with a young boy

    After walking the footpath many years at the rear of the hotel, I am intrigued by the statue and the plaque on the plinth is unreadable

    Thank you

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