C. R. Allcock

A LOCAL HISTORY OF BASLOW AND BUBNELL Items collected and arranged by Mr C R Allcock assisted by Mr W H Derbyshire

Between 1926 and 1934 a group of Baslow residents met to research the history of Baslow.  The result was a collection of extracts from a variety of sources – the Parish Records, Libraries, newspapers etc.  These  were carefully copied out by hand onto loose sheets of paper and arranged in a fairly logical order. The group was organised by Mr C R Allcock, headmaster of St Anne’s School, Baslow.  He typed it up and illustrated it with his own watercolours.  Few copies were made, one of which has been photocopied and reproduced below.

Mr Allcock was helped by Bill Derbyshire the local blacksmith, John (known as Jack) Sheldon the deputy headmaster was also in the group. Both these men did their own further reserch into the village and its history. Bill Derbyshire had a much treasued hoard of papers which are now in the County Records Office. John Sheldon and amateur historian in his own right wrote a book, A SHORT HISOTY Of BASLOW published after his death.

Allcocks original book is reproduced below.

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