C R Allcock

In the 1920s a group of Baslow residents met to research the history of Baslow.  The result was a collection of extracts from a variety of sources – the Parish Records, Libraries, newspapers etc.  These  were carefully copied out by hand onto loose sheets of paper and arranged in a fairly logical order.

The group was organised by Mr C R Allcock, headmaster of tSt Anne’s School, Baslow.  He typed it up and illustrated it with his own watercolours.  Few copies were made, one of which has been photocopied .

Mr Allcock was helped by Bill Derbyshire, who kept the original handwritten pages (available County Records Office, Matlock)


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The typed pages are in 4 groups below.  I have added an Index and Contents Pages

Allcock Index  

Allcock contents

Allcock pages 01-18

Allcock pages 19-47

Allcock pages 47b-74

Allcock pages 75-109