Chapter 1 THE CHURCH

The north aisle and the square tower church are the oldest part of the church built in the late 1200s, probably on the site of an earlier wooden building.  100 years it was extended to its present size. It has been at the centre of village life for centuries, a reason why all the information I have is collected in this first chapter of the website


There are two main sources about the church history 

John Charles Fox published his work on all “The Churches of Derbyshire” in 1875.  I have extracted the Baslow section and added a Contents at the start and an index at the end

In 1924 a local history group collected information for “A Short History of Baslow Church”.  The results, hand written pages within hard covers, is in the Records Office in Matlock.  The file here is a photocopy, with introduction and content pages.


NADFAS, National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies, surveyed the church in 1990.  I have photocopied their report and added an introduction.  Contents are noted at the start of each section.  Volume 1 and two

There follows my articles on the windows and tablets (plaques), containing photos and a transcription of each item, often with notes.  Family historians will be interested but unfortunately no index.  There are also brief notes on the bells and church clock


A must for family history researchers.  It is a record of all the stones in the main churchyard and the adjoining Parish Council Burial Ground complete with a transcription of all the memorial inscriptions.  Search the index to finds the names, then use the stone number to search for the full inscription

Main church graveyard Burial Ground

this section will be completed soon June 2022