Houses yesterday. I have made notes about a number of interesting houses in the village that have made their mark historically. Further information about them is often available in the Families section. For other houses in Bubnell see my article on Bubnell History

Abney HouseBaslow HydroBubnell CliffCliff House
Cross FarmGorse Bank FarmMethodist Chapel
ParkgateRose Hill


“House-List” is an attempt to record all the older houses in Baslow and Bubnell.  Hopefully I have included all houses built before 1920 – and a number of later ones.  In each case I have made a few notes, including when it was (or may have been) built.  I have then added known names of occupants.  Major sources include the Censuses, Tithe Award of 1848 and the 1920 Rutland Sale.  Of course there will be inaccuracies but I hope none that are too misleading.

I have given each house in a street a number (see notes below), and streets are arranged west to east across the village.  To locate a house you may find the MAPS section helpful.

There are four files.

HOUSE-LIST is a large rather unwieldy PDF file with all the information about the older houses in the village.  Alternatively click on the Excel version HOUSE-LIST excel which is then downloaded to your hard drive, where it can be viewed sorted and filtered

House-LIST extra  contains only the occupants of Bridgefoot Cottage, New Buildings and Church Terrace

Streets  This file lists streets in the order in which they appear in the main list.  You may wish to review the MAPS labelled Streets and Houses

Notes  gives more detail about the arrangement of the list and the coding useful for sorting and filtering.

Growth of the villages of Baslow and Bubnell. not ready yet dds