Court Rolls.  The local maor court made rules an meter out simple justice.  Records exist for Baslow for the years 1 319 to 1505.  The file contains an index of (most) names and places at the end.

Perambulations      There are there recorded perambulations around the Parish of Baslow, in 1614 1625  and 1721    .  They describe the route taken, often difficult to interpretate , and a list of participants, useful to know who is who in the village at the time. INCLUDED IN LIST OF NAMES

Church Seats 1797   Until the mid 1800s, seats in church were owned by individuals, most by the Duke of Rutland on behalf of his tenants.  A churchwardens handbook started in 1797 gives details.  Some names are crossed out when changes occurred.  It is a “Who’s Who” of most families in the parish (which also included Curbar and Froggatt at the time). INCLUDED IN LIST OF NAMES

Shepherd’s Book   Sheep, especially sheep on the open moorland, tend to roam.  Special markings, known over a wide area, allow then to be returned to their owner.  This leaflet lists the main sheep farmers in Baslow in 1777, and describes their marks.

Felons of Basow  The inaugural document of the Baslow Association for the prosecution of Felons and other offenders, inaugurated August  1793

Enclosure Award 1824  this is the dry text of the Award itself.  For the freeholders involved see LISTS OF NAMES.  More revealing is my article “Baslow in the 1820s”|

School Centenary Booklet In 1976 St Anne’s School Baslow was 100 years old. It celebrated with an Exhibition, a Carnival and this booklet