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1  LISTS of NAMES are always of interest and an show light on times and people.  I have collect a number of lists dating from 1585 to 1876. To see summary and a brief description of each file click on this link  Summary of my Lists 

A single PDF file  All my lists alphabetical   contains all the names together in alphabetical order.  You can also download the same as the Excel file  All my lists to sort and filter as you wish.

To see each individual file, they are listed below

1585 & 87 Muster RoleLevies raised in 1580s
1603 Tax paymentRateable land & Tax paid
1638 Baslow Muster RollEligble for conscription
1664 70 72 Hearth TaxThe occupiers houses with hearths
1677 Support for Ministerlist of supporters
1677 Tax for shipsShort list. Incl other villages
1682 Pay to Curatecotnributors
1739 Overseer of PoorPayments made in year
1772 Tax AssessmentList of payers
1796 War AssessmentList of main residents – and wealth
1797 Church SeatingLists virtually all heads of household
1797 New Parsonagecontributors
1800 Baslow FelonsFounding members
1810 Church Organcontributors
1875 Jury Listlist
1876 Electoral Registerlist
1823 Chat-Rut Exch Sched ScheduleTenants & owners affected by “New Park”
1824 Enclosure AwardFreeholders in Baslow
Curates & Officials 1565-1965list

2  GAZETTEERS are local commercial publications listing people trades and professions.  I have extracted information  covering the years 1829 – 1895 are included them in the single file below.

Gazetteers names in chronological order                 Gazetteers names in alphabetical order

This  Gazetteers.xlsx  is an Excel file which can be downloaded and filtered, sorted etc.